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Breaking Through Summary

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Breaking Through - Chapters 1 - 5 Summary & Analysis

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In the book “Breaking Through” in which Francisco Jimenez is the main character and author, he faces many obstacles. Although, Francisco has encountered multiple obstacles, he has many characteristics, which are being responsible, ambitious and respectful.

Breaking Through

Immigration is a large aspect of American history. In the book Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez, we are able to see the struggles of one Hispanic boy immigrating to the United States from Mexico.

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Immigration is a large aspect of American history. In the book Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez, we are able to see the struggles of one Hispanic. Top Book Lessons Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez 1.

Breaking down barriers To break down a barrier, means to have an open-mind set to who you talk to, look at, and judge. The passing of power As we age and grow older we like to think we gain or learn something; In “Breaking Through”, Francisco Jimenez’s book, Francisco gains power in the household along with his brother, Roberto.

Through out the book “Breaking Through” most of the story takes place in a city called Santa Maria. The main character Francisco Jimenez and his family live in the army barracks on Bonetti Ranch.

Francisco lives with his mother his father his older brother Roberto and his younger brothers and sister.

Breaking through by francisco jimenez essay help
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Breaking Through by Francisco Jiménez