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DON’T TAKE LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY! 25 funny inspirational quotes

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10 Ways to Stop Taking Everything up the Butt

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A Farewell to Hexes

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Relying. The Importance Of Not Taking Life Too Seriously  Taking Imagination Seriously Seandey L. Bowe PHL/ July 15, Veronica Van Ry Taking Imagination Seriously Janet Echelman starts her Ted talk saying take imagination seriouslyShe is a world renowned artist obtaining this wasn’t an easy task.

MS Echelman had never studied sculpture, engineering or architecture. Jun 08,  · Taking things very seriously can be a great quality, showing that you are earnest, caring, and hardworking. But, taking things too seriously can cause unnecessary stress and worry over things that aren't worth the effort.

[1] By learning about why we tend to take life too seriously 87%(). This article is written by Greg Costikyan. The opinions expressed are his alone, and no other person or organization should be deemed in any way responsible for their expression here.

“Don’t take life too seriously!” If you’ve heard that one before (especially if you’re one of the uptighties who hears it all the time) you’ll appreciate this collection of funny quotes from luminaries like Dr.

Seuss, Albert Einstein and Ellen DeGeneres.

10,000 Hours with Reid Hoffman: What I Learned Not taking life too seriously essay help
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