You dont have write access for your itunes media folder music

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Listening to Music on Your Kindle Fire

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How To Fix / Mount RAID After 0 Firmware

You just need to have a subtitle file .srt) of the song. If u have a subtitle file of the song, well and good. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Where Are My iTunes Songs Stored On My Hard Drive?

Question: Your songs should be organized by artist within that folder (if you have "Keep iTunes Media folder organized checked within iTunes > Preferences > Advanced). If you can't find that folder or don't see any music in it, open up iTunes and go to iTunes > Preferences >.

How to Get Music Onto Your Android Phone Without iTunes. assuming you have data or Wi-Fi access. Tap the header at the top of the screen to switch between All Music and On Device.

Use Windows Explorer to copy your music files to the Music folder on your device. You can also use the excellent AirDroid to copy songs and other files.

Where is your iTunes music stored? Location of iTunes Media folder on Mac OS X / Windows

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You dont have write access for your itunes media folder music
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